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by agilezen on April 26, 2012

A few perceptive individuals noticed that we’ve been using a new logo for the past few months when we’ve sponsored events like Startup Madness and Triangle Startup Weekend. We’re in the process of re-inventing a lot of things here on the AgileZen team, one of which is the logo. We’re happy to share the first of many changes you and get your feedback!

We wanted something that captured the essence of why customers use AgileZen, so we looked through all our survey answers, Twitter conversations, and customer feedback to help guide us to our new look. Ideas like simple, approachable, clean, visual, and friendly (among others) were used as our inspiration. Along with these ideas, the new mark was inspired by two things: an Ensō, a circle often associated with Zen, and the three circles that are prominent in the Rally logo.

Although we’re using this new logo on the marketing site, you’ll notice that the product branding is the same. We’ve opted to keep the “green AgileZen” for the current version of the product because we’re using the new circle logo on a new version of the product that will be available in late summer.

As many of you have noticed, we’ve been quiet for some time, and this is because we’re re-inventing the product in addition to the branding. We’re really excited to start sharing some of those details, so we’ll be announcing more information over the next couple of weeks.

  • http://doublethink.myopenid.com/ doublethink

    One drawback of your logo design – in Chrome, the favicon looks like a browser tab refreshing. An unfortunate effect, cause it keeps drawing my eye, thinking the page is reloading.

  • doublethink

    Hey nice – you fixed your favicon! Much better :)

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