It’s an AgileZen Christmas…list

by agilezen on December 1, 2011

Everyone who knows me well knows I’m a list person, sometimes a list of lists person. I like my projects organized, no matter how big or small. I like knowing everything is all in one place and the satisfaction of checking things off when they’re done. Yes, I’m a little crazy. :)

Many of you out there have a big project coming up. The holiday music you’ve heard when you enter a retail store and all the jewelry commercials during football tell you that there’s less than a month left to get all your shopping done! This time of year brings with it all the stress of buying, wrapping, and organizing presents, so anything that brings order to the chaos is helpful. With the success of organizing my move back in May, it was definitely time to use AgileZen for another big project outside of work: organizing my shopping list for the holidays.

The thing about Christmas lists that make them ideal for AgileZen is that there are usually several steps needed to get presents from purchase to under the tree. I always come up with a list of people to buy for, brainstorm good ideas, purchase, wrap, and organize them based on location. In the end, I have groups for friends and each side of our family.

This year I followed the same general approach, but opted to put it online and track the phases of work rather than just creating a checklist. Not only does this allow me to assign work to Nate (sorry honey), but I can track things I’ve ordered but haven’t received yet. I’ve switched to ordering everything online instead of fighting crowds at the mall. (Yay for shopping in my PJs!)

As you can see from my board, I’ve been busy ordering and wrapping. I put a list of what I bought after the bullet points, but I had to block it out so I don’t ruin the surprises. I still have some folks on my list, but it definitely lessens my stress to see the progress to my goal.

How do you organize your shopping list?

AgileZen Christmas List


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