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by agilezen on November 2, 2011

We’re looking to hire once again. In addition to searching for a Senior Software Engineer, we want to hire a Senior Mobile Applications Developer too!

Because we’re a small team, each person has the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the product. If you want to be the go-to person for all things mobile, this is the role for you. The person we’re looking for should be able to plan, design, develop, and maintain the mobile applications for AgileZen, including apps for iOS and Android.

We’re a team that works hard, but has lots of fun too. Our office has a kegerator and we play video games for team-building, so that gives you a pretty good idea of our culture. If you’re interested in more information, please check out the job posting.

  • Aki Iskandar

    Hi – 

    Would you consider a contractor (at least as a “try before you buy”) ? I am a senior level consultant and Enterprise Architect – and have the skills you are looking for. I am not a recruiter – I am a freelance developer / architect – and so it would be economical (a win-win).Please visit my personal website – which has a condensed version of my resume, and a link to download my full resume in MS Word format:  http://iskandar.usMany thanks for you consideration and time.Best Regards,~AkiAki Iskandaraki@iskandar:disqus .us(440) 420-9888P.S.  I have dual citizenship (Canada and US) – and so there is no need for visas of any kind.

  • Dan Jackson

    Yay! Can't wait for AgileZen to completely work on the iPad.

  • ThomasKrickl

    are you aiming for a native app?

  • Niki Kohari

    That's the plan right now.

  • ThomasKrickl

    that sounds great. 
    a app with the usefulness of your online tool and a sync to it is really missing on the market. (and your prices are fair) ;-)

    I'm not a developer (i used to but my roots are in graphic design) – I'm project manager and user interaction designer – I can provide you with that or my company could provide you with a real smart developer team who are all aiming for high quality user interfaces – in design, usability and stability. And we are mainly focused on native iPad apps. Our last product has been a fully working digital publishing solution we are starting to promote in the next month.

    tell me if we may support you? 

    have a great day 

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  • Marco Paga

    Great. Would really love to have a native android and ios app to use it instead of rmilk. 

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